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Dish Block Refill
Dish Block Refill
Dish Block Refill

    Dish Block Refill

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      The new eco-superhero to refill your dish block cylinder and help you save the planet 

      Don't throw that tin away! Renew your previous dish block cylinder with the refill dish block cylinder and reward it with a new life to live. By simply refilling your dish cylinder with a bar you will save money but also save the world from plastic waste!

      Simply buy the refill, pop it in the reusable tin and you'll be ready for more dishwashing duty. 

      The rich formula will create fluffy foams that will cut through all difficult stains, grime and grease while being gentle on your delicate skin! This eco-friendly dish bar is essential in every green household. So stock up on those dish block refills so you can keep refilling your previous cylinder and save the world from unnecessary waste!

      • BPA, phosphate and cruelty-free.
      • Skin-safe formula.
      • Free of palm oil.
      • Refill your Dish Block Cylinder to eliminate waste and save money!
      • Top green kitchen essential item.
      • Product measurements: 3.5 L x 1.5 W x 3.5 H (inch)


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