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Pet Nail Grinder By Water Petcare
Pet Nail Grinder By Water Petcare
Pet Nail Grinder By Water Petcare
Pet Nail Grinder By Water Petcare

    Pet Nail Grinder By Water Petcare

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    Are you avoiding nail trims because you're scared of hurting your dogThen you don't have to worry now because the Easiest and the most time saving grooming toolkit is here.

    pet nail grinder by paw water

    • Make Nail Grinding Painless - If your pets are terrified of nail trimming, then we’ve got you covered. No more worries about overcutting, nasty pains or bleeding.
    • USB Charging -  Just charge and use it. You can use for 3 hours in just one charge.
    • Detachable Grinding Wheel - The dirty stuff on the stone can be removed for easy cleaning. You can use an eraser or a soft towel to clean.
    • Good Performance For Most Of Pets - This Pets Nail Grinder is suitable for  Dogs, Cats, Rabbit, Guinea Pig, Hamster & Bird.
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    Low Vibration and Low Noise
    This Pet Nail Grinder is equipped with super mute motor but powerful.
    It gently removes thin layers of nail with low noise and low vibration, so that sensitive pets will be happy with this nail grinder, making your nail trimming work easier.

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