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Cocktail Ice Tray Set
Cocktail Ice Tray Set
Cocktail Ice Tray Set

    Cocktail Ice Tray Set

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    If variety is the spice of life, why not start with your evening cocktail? Experience our four types of unique Cocktail Ice and instantly transform your drink. You’ll love how slowly these perfectly tasteless ice shapes melt without diluting your drink.   

    Prism Cocktail Ice Mold - 1 over-sized 2” cube, featuring intricately etched tiny pyramids on every side.

    Ripple Cocktail Ice Mold - 1 large, 2.5” ice sphere with a ripple pattern, inspired by the Prohibition Era.

    Petal Cocktail Ice Tray -  4 extra big, 2.5” ice spheres, with an all-over petal design—straight out of the Art Nouveau movement. 

    Crystal Cocktail Ice Tray - 4 huge, 2.25” over-sized ice cubes that resemble brilliant, cut crystals. 

    Pro Tip: For easy ice removal, run under warm water for ten seconds, or leave on the counter for a few minutes to slightly thaw. Peel off the lid and flip over to pop the ice directly into the glass.



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