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Sisal Soap Pouches - 2 Pack
Sisal Soap Pouches - 2 Pack
Sisal Soap Pouches - 2 Pack

    Sisal Soap Pouches - 2 Pack

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      The ultimate eco-friendly sisal soap pouch exfoliator to cherish your soap bar, skin and the world!

      Our compostable sisal soap pouches are the perfect addition to your sustainable bathroom routine. Simply slide in your favourite bar of soap and seal with the drawstring. The eco-friendly skin exfoliators are made from all-natural and organic fibre to gently care for and nurture your skin, leaving it clean, fresh and rejuvenated.

      This zero-waste soap pouch will protect your soap bar and let it effectively drain. As a result, you will enjoy your favourite soap bars for as long as you can and make the most out of them!

      So, say goodbye to harsh scrubbers and ocean-polluting plastic microbeads. Our eco-friendly soap pouches are convenient, reusable and highly effective for bath or shower exfoliation.

      • Value pack of 2 pouches.
      • The ultimate eco-friendly scrubber to replace plastic loofahs.
      • Accessible drawstring to secure your bar and hang it in the shower to drain.
      • The perfect fit for your sustainable self-care routine.
      • Product measurements: 4 L x 0.5 W x 6 H (inch)


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